PMM Authentication Bypass Vulnerability fixed in 2.37.1

On May 30, Percona was notified of a possible vulnerability in Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM). After researching the report, we agreed with the reporter and began working on a fix to address the issue. Today we’re releasing PMM 2.37.1 with a fix that addresses the PMM authentication bypass vulnerability. This release contains no other features or fixes. We advise users to upgrade PMM at the earliest opportunity, particularly if the PMM instance is accessible directly from the Internet.

All versions of PMM starting with 2.0.0 are assumed to be vulnerable.

In prior versions of PMM, the authenticate function would strip parts of a URL separated by a dot or slash until it found a matching pattern in its ruleset. This could allow an attacker to feed a malformed URL to PMM to bypass authentication and access PMM logs. In turn, this could allow information disclosure and privilege escalation.

If you are able to update, follow the standard instructions to upgrade PMM.

If you are unable to perform an update, it is possible to mitigate this issue by making a change to the NGINX configuration on the running PMM instance. To do so, create a Bash script with the code from this script on GitHub.

Then, you can apply the code using this docker command on a server running the PMM Docker container (as root or using sudo):

docker exec -it pmm-server bash -c 'curl -fsSL | /bin/bash'

If you are running PMM via a virtual appliance (OVF or AMI), use SSH to shell into the PMM server and run this command, as root or using sudo:

curl -fsSL | /bin/bash

We’d like to thank Adam Kues, security researcher at Assetnote, for the vulnerability report. We deeply appreciate all community security and bug reports that help us identify and fix issues in Percona software. If you believe you’ve identified a security issue, see the Percona Security page for reporting procedures, our security policies, and the Responsible Disclosure program.

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