Pmm-agent throwing error 1045


PMM agent is throwing a lot of errors :

Sep 6 12:29:50 proxysql-1 pmm-agent[349257]: #033[31mERRO#033[0m[2022-09-06T12:29:50.378+00:00] time="2022-09-06T12:29:50Z" level=error msg="Error scraping for collect.runtime_mysql_servers Error 1045: ProxySQL Admin Error: no such table: runtime_mysql_servers" source="exporter.go:201" #033[31magentID#033[0m=/agent_id/a32e7b23-1027-4531-bedf-5566dd2758a5 #033[31mcomponent#033[0m=agent-process #033[31mtype#033[0m=proxysql_exporter

Agent ID is connected to working node, and can’t delete it. What can I do?

Thanks in advance !

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Hi @Ani_Ghoghoberidze , welcome to the Percona forums!
First off our apologies for not having answered your question for 2 weeks. This was simply missed in our queue, usually we respond within hours (if not minutes) to new posts.
Regarding your error, can you tell us:

  1. What version of ProxySQL are you running?
  2. What version of PMM Server and PMM Client are you using?
  3. What was the configuration command you used to set up ProxySQL i.e. pmm-admin add proxysql

This is very strange as ProxySQL can’t really work properly without runtime_mysql_servers table… :thinking:


Hi @Michael_Coburn , thanks for response.

  1. Version of ProxySQL is 2.4.3-percona-1.1

  2. PMM server and client versions are 2.30.0

  3. Command - pmm-admin add proxysql --username=user --password=pass

Yes, it’s strange, everything works well but we still have a lot of errors

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