pmm-agent error 'value out of range' converting driver.Value types in SUM_TIMER_WAIT


I’ve registered two MySQL services (MySQL Community Server (GPL) version 5.7.15) with pmm-admin and query-source=‘perfschema’.

When executing ‘pmm-admin list’ one of the two ‘qan-mysql-perfschema-agent’ agents is always in ‘waiting’ status instead of ‘running’. This agent is also throwing the following error message every minute in /var/log/messages

Sep 26 17:25:00 mtrac28316 pmm-agent: #033[31mERRO#033[0m[2019-09-26T17:25:00.010+02:00] failed to query events_statements_summary_by_digest: sql: Scan error on column index 4, name “SUM_TIMER_WAIT”: converting driver.Value type []uint8 (“12947388003240648000”) to a int64: value out of range #033[31magentID#033[0m=/agent_id/3abf5b2e-1e28-4dd7-bbe0-5a0863c2ef2a #033[31mcomponent#033[0m=agent-builtin #033[31mtype#033[0m=qan_mysql_perfschema_agent

while the other perfschema agent pointing to the second MySQL server is working perfectly fine.

Is there something I could do to fix this? I’d like to have this data in my PMM Server for the Query Analytics.

Btw, my PMM Client and databases run on CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)

Thanks in advance.


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