Pmm-agent and port forward?

I have a unique one that I have not yet quite figured out what ports to do.

I am trying to figure out a means on how to do this.

We have the following type of setup

Cloud Prod
Cloud Dev
On Prem Prod
On Prem Dev

Cloud Prod can only talk to On Prem Prod
Cloud Dev can only talk to On Pem Dev
Cloud Prod can not talk to Cloud Dev
On Prem can talk to Cloud Prod and On Prem Dev
On Prem Dev can talk to On Prem Prod and Cloud Dev

My Goal is to only have to manage one PMM server so that my monitoring can be done in ONE PMM instance (Currently On Prem Prod)
I am trying to figure out how to setup Cloud Dev to talk to a On Prem Dev system that “forwards” everything to the On Prem Prod currently setup instance with using ideally
only a few well know port numbers (80/443/23 or similar)

Currently: I have on prem “access points” that do the following (As on prem dev and prod can talk to each other" “forwards” data to the real physical server that is behind

I have managed to get agentid to be seen from the Cloud Dev but… I can not seem to figure out how to get the PMM Client to say connected thus no metrics.

All items right now are being done via https and the error in debug seems to be tls: no application protocol which I cant seem to figure out what that means
I have tried the insecure setup as well as push/pull/auto with no success.

Any suggestions on what I am missing? As I can get the agent to register but I can not seem to get metrics to the server… (because of the pmm-client not being connected)