Pmm-admin Ansible module

Hey Percona community!

I have published an Ansible module for pmm-admin, which handles adding or removing services to PMM2. It’s tested with ProxySQL, MySQL and Postgres (MongoDB should work fine as well).

Feel free to use/fork/modify it :slight_smile:

link: GitHub - aorfanos/ansible-pmm-admin: Ansible module to add or remove services to Percona Monitoring and Management 2 (PMM2).

This is great stuff @aorfanos ! Thanks for contributing!
One suggestion is to get your code onto Ansible Galaxy, that’ll make it simpler to get into deployments. I see you’re familiar with this platform already! Ansible Galaxy


Hey @Michael_Coburn , thanks for the suggestion! I have uploaded pmm_admin module to Ansible Galaxy.

Anybody interested can install it by running ansible-galaxy collection install aorfanos.pmm_admin.


Fantastic, thanks @aorfanos !

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