pmm 2.2.0 not showing proxysql backend : 'No Data' and hostgroup size


I’m just migrating from PMM 1 to PMM 2.2.0.

I added all my nodes, I have 1 proxysql (v1) and 3 pxc (5.7) behind

Whan I go in Proxysql Instance Summary I have some graph working, but :

  • Hostgroup Size
  • Active Backend Connections
  • Failed Backend Connections
  • Client Frontend Connections
  • Endpoint Status
  • Queries Routed
  • Connection Free
  • Latency
    show “No Data” or nothing

In the previous version I had all correctly.

I checked Prometheus targets and I have no issue.

In the same kind I have sometimes no “Galera Cluster Size” in PXC/Galera Nodes Compare and “Only queries that return single series/table is supported” in gcache Size or FC


I answer myself.
Regarding the promQL queries I see sometime a variable $node_namegroup instead of $hostgroup? Changing it correct the issue