(PMM) 2.0.0-alpha1 - Client cannot connect to Server

so i saw on PlanetMySQL that PMM 2.0.0 Alpha1 is out.
Following the provided steps on [url]https://www.percona.com/blog/2019/04/24/percona-monitoring-and-management-pmm-2-0-0-alpha1-is-now-available/[/url]
i cannot get the Client to connect to the PMM 2.0 Server.

pmm-agent setup --server-insecure-tls --server-address=:443

gives me an eror
Failed to register pmm-agent on PMM Server: Post https://http:%2F%2F172.16.127.82:443/v1/management/Node/Register: invalid URL port “//”.
it doesnt work with Port 80 either

The IP Adress of the PMM Server is correct as i can login to it via Browser.
Kind Regards

it is working now for an client with CentOS to add the client
however next problem arises
maybe i am trying this to early…

[root@t-centos7-01-aro ~]# pmm-agent setup --server-insecure-tls --server-address=
Checking local pmm-agent status...
pmm-agent is running.
Registering pmm-agent on PMM Server...
Configuration file /usr/local/percona/pmm-agent.yaml updated.
Reloading pmm-agent configuration...
Configuration reloaded.
[root@t-centos7-01-aro ~]# pmm-admin add mysql --use-perfschema
MySQL Service added.
Service ID : /service_id/7c11fc13-fcc6-4b40-b440-46389396c18a
Service name: t-centos7-01-aro-mysql
[root@t-centos7-01-aro ~]# pmm-admin status
Failed to render response.
template: :10:4: executing "" at <.AgentID>: AgentID has arguments but cannot be invoked as function.
Please report this bug. panic: (*logrus.Entry) (0x9fb2a0,0xc0000fc150)

goroutine 1 [running]:
github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus.Entry.log(0xc00008d3e0, 0xc0004437d0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, ...)
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus/entry.go:239 +0x2ce
github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus.(*Entry).Log(0xc0000fc000, 0x0, 0xc0004fdad0, 0x1, 0x1)
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus/entry.go:268 +0xed
github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus.(*Entry).Logf(0xc0000fc000, 0xc000000000, 0xa20096, 0x36, 0xc0004fdb80, 0x1, 0x1)
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus/entry.go:314 +0xe4
github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus.(*Logger).Logf(0xc00008d3e0, 0x0, 0xa20096, 0x36, 0xc0004fdb80, 0x1, 0x1)
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/vendor/github.com/sirupsen/logrus/logger.go:145 +0x96
github.com/percona/pmm-admin/commands.RenderTemplate(0xc00005a340, 0x9660a0, 0xc00000e320, 0x0, 0xc00005fd40)
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/commands/base.go:86 +0xe1
github.com/percona/pmm-admin/commands.(*statusResult).String(0xc00000e320, 0x5, 0xa08bac)
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/commands/status.go:46 +0x43
/tmp/go/src/github.com/percona/pmm-admin/main.go:253 +0x1657

Hi Andrews2018, I’ll bring it to the attention of the team see if they have immediate feedback.

thx lorraine!

i got an output now for pmm-admin list
however no data is shown in pmm mysql dashboard

how can i delete a server as pmm-agent remove --all doesnt work anymore
seems pmm-admin remove mysql needs a name as a parameter now

p.s. maybe i will wait for the next version as this seems to be still very “fresh” to me and i dont wanna disturb the team too much
p.s.s. maybe u guys can do a demo instance for us all to try during alpha

i figured out u have to pmm-agent remove servicenameofhost
however any mysql related graphs in pmm receive no data though the pmm user is valid

ok got it to work now!
will try with Ubuntu as well
p.s. work with Ubuntu as well now
everything working !

Hi andrews2018

First - yes we don’t have a working pmm-admin status command yet.

Second - I noticed that when you added the MySQL services you didn’t pass a username or password. I would check what’s in /var/log/messages in order to understand why they MySQL exporter isn’t reporting metrics (can’t log in would be my guess at this point)