PMM 1.17.1 resize-xfs cronjob mail problem.


I set up PMM in a virtual machine and whilst all works nicely, there seems to be a cronjob running every 5 minutes that tries to resize /dev/sdb. As I understand it’s meant to resize the disk automatically when you change its virtual size.

The problem however is that it’s sending cron mails to the root user every 5 minutes, whilst not actually doing anything.

Cron <root@pmm> /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot/resize-xfs
Physical volume “/dev/sdb” changed 1 physical volume(s) resized or updated / 0 physical volume(s) not resized Size of logical volume DataVG/ThinPool_tmeta unchanged from 100.00 MiB (25 extents). Logical volume DataVG/ThinPool_tmeta successfully resized. Size of logical volume DataVG/ThinPool_tdata unchanged from 399.80 GiB (102349 extents). Logical volume DataVG/ThinPool_tdata successfully resized. New size (81920 extents) matches existing size (81920 extents).