Percona XtraDB MySQL Cluster not replicate between nodes

Hi Pro,

I setup MySQL Cluster using Percona XtraDB Cluster + Galera
My system:

  • MySQL Cluster Control:
  • DB Master Node 1:
  • DB Master Node 2:
  • DB Master Node 3:

We setup without DB Slave.

  • My problem: When i restart mysql service or restart database server, database not replicate between nodes. Or node restarted kick out database cluster.
  • My Solution for this case: I must delete database and file in /var/lib/mysql on all database and restart mysql service. Command restart:
  • DB Node 1: service mysql start --wsrep-cluster-address=gcomm://
  • DB Node 2: service mysql start
  • DB Node 3: service mysql start
    When i restart node 2 and node 3, it take 15-30 minutes to join cluster and replicate
    And i check port mysql i see only port 4567 is open (after 15-30 minutes port 3306 just open)
    After i do this Mysql Cluster is working well and i reimport database.

My question: how can i resolve this problem quickly when a node in cluster fail

  1. When i use Mysql Cluster using Percona XtraDB Cluster + Galera
  • The size of general_log table in default database (mysql) is very large (26GB), while my production database is 1.3GB
  • My question: Can i remove or empty general_log table?



Can I see your logs and your my.cnf files



Hi azigui,

My log is very long, so i can’t post this here.
Please have a look my configure file and log in here: [url][/url]