Percona XtraDB latest release huge memory problems

Hi everybody,
we have the same memory problems, with mysql etaing up all the memory, bigenning to swap till OOM KILLER raise up.
We have 3 nodes, Percona-XtraDB 57-5.7.17-29.20.3, centos 7.3.1611, 4 gb RAM (VM on vSphere6) and the VM are dedicated to mysql, with the only exception of the process due to PMM agent and OS overhead.

Each vm has :

  • 8 vCPU, 4GB RAM and 1.5 GB of Swap;
  • Transparent Huge Pages disabled
  • Jemalloc instead of glibc

Here are:

  • the conf file
  • the screenshot of the top process after 3 hours of complete inactivity
  • the screenshot of the PMM dashboard showing MySQL internal memory overview.

We were planning to go on production, but after this test, we are not more so confident…

Can you please help ?

Conf.txt (2.14 KB)

We have the same issue with a 3 nodes cluster. I use the previous version and today i have updated to the latest but the problem is still here.

the memory consume increase constantly and then the swap too, until the oom kill the mysqld process

we found another problem, updating to the version 5.7.17-29.20 do not update the server version. The package version is right but when looking the mysql version, is still the old version

Hi doshu,

Were you also running PMM at that time?


Yes we have PMM active.

i have already tried to disable them but without changes

I’ve been looking into this, and I believe that this issue occurs because of an interaction between the performance schema and thread-pooling. Since PMM polls the server frequently, this leak is more easily seen with PMM. (It’s not a leak exactly since the memory does get freed up when the server exits).

So, here are the relevant options


A workaround is to disable the performance schema or the thread pooling.

performance schema is already disabled and thread-handling is set to one thread-per-connection

Hi doshu,

Can you provide your config files?