Percona-xtradb-cluster-operator 1.8.0 cluster restore from s3 does not download all folders


We have a healtly cluster that has backups enabled on s3 storage.
We use
Backups are being processed hourly and every backup takes no more than 5 min.

Problem is with restore.

After creating CRD/PerconaXtraDBClusterRestore proces is initiated fine.
But when downloading files from s3 there are missing folders. But no errors from log.
The backup folder on s3 contains all necessary folders and files.

Folders on s3 storage:

[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B common/
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B customer@002d1/
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B customer@002d2/
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B customer@002d3/
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B mysql/
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B performance_schema/
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B sys/. <-- This was NOT copied during restore
[2021-10-14 15:25:06 EEST]     0B testabaze/   <-- This was NOT copied during restore

From LOG

+ xbcloud get s3://customer-db-px-2021-10-13-12:05:12-full --parallel=10
++ grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo
+ xbstream --decompress -x -C /datadir/pxc_sst_rHi2 --parallel=8
211013 12:59:58 xbcloud: Successfully connected.
211013 12:59:58 xbcloud: Downloading
>> All files are downloaded and successfull notice is printed.
>> No errors.
211013 13:00:11 xbcloud: Download completed.

But in reality those two folders are missing and i cant find any evidence in log that they are listed for download or any other error about download failure or connection issues.

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