Percona XtraDB Cluster ( 8.0.33-25.1 ) Bug

I observed Node 1 (primary node ) goes down when I restart the service. Not able to start it … any issue … any one also faced this?

Welcome back @Sunil_Kumar,

Are you saying that if you try to restart a node on the primary server, it doesn’t start? Is there a problem in your config? What does the journal log say? Can you please elaborate in details what you’re trying to convey? May be also include error log?


Yes, I am facing this issue for 2 weeks. Multiple times rebuild the setup/Galera rebuild but same issue… The setup started working ok but the movement 1st not restart … this issue started to occur. Not able to paste log or upload as i am new user.

Hi @Sunil_Kumar ,

Your error log could be at /var/log/mysqld.log OR better you can figure it out from my.cnf
grep err /etc/my.cnf
OR connect to one of the other nodes and run: select @@log_error (assuming config should be same)
Once you get hold of correct error log, consider sharing with us. We cannot help you without knowing the issue.