Percona xtradb cluster 8.0.32 nodes are getting crashed

Hi There,

We have Percona Xtradb 3 node cluster where nodes are getting crashed giving below error:

"terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std:system_error’
*** what(): remote_endpoint: Transport endpoint is not connected"***

We have checked there is no vulnerability/port scanner running on server. Node is getting failed very frequently which causing production downtime.
Can someone help in this?

Percona XtraDB clsuter - 8.0.32
Galera Version: 4.14
RHEL version 8.7

Please provide more of the mysql error log showing the stacktrace. I found references to this issue, but it should have been fixed in 8.0.29.

Percona_mysqld_Node1.txt (415.5 KB)
Please find attached logs.


Is there any alternative available for v8.0.32 till permanent fix in new version?