Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0.26-16.1 Released

January 17, 2022 - Find release notes at Percona XtraDB Cluster 8.0.26-16.1 - Percona XtraDB Cluster

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Can you clarify as I have had issues attempting to track this issue…


the same as

Which got merged to several other items and all “appear” to be closed…

It reads to me like it is…

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Hello, meyerder!
I will ask engineers to look into this. I suggest you can try posting this directly to the issue or leave a comment on GitHub to get a faster response.

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Both problems had the same symptoms (server hangs) and were related to the same part of code, so looking from this angle they are “the same”.
But PXC-3706 and PXC-3776 had different root causes, so considering this, they are not “the same”.

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