Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 ?

Hi all,

am I correct in assuming that Percona XtraDB cluster 5.6 is built upon MySQL 5.6 ? If so, any idea when we can expect 5.7 ?
We’re running Percona XtraDB cluster and we need some features only available in MySQL 5.7 …

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Percona XtraDB cluster 5.6 is based on Percona Server 5.6 and Percona Server 5.6 is based on MySQL 5.6.
Latest MySQL 5.7.7 is still a release candidate version, not production ready. We will ship Percona Server 5.7 after MySQL 5.7 gets GA status (stable) and PXC 5.7 some time after that.

Btw, out of curiosity, what features from 5.7 are you looking for?

Sorry for the late reply przemek,

our devs are starting up a project where they would like to use spatial indexes; as I understand it this is available for InnoDB tables only since 5.7



Any idea about the new release date for ?? We are now working with Percona XtraDB Cluster but due to new requirements in our project we need to migrate to MySQL 5.7 in order to use the spatial extentions.

But our problem now is Percona XtraDB Cluster is not ready for 5.7

Thank you so much for your help!!

Is there an estimated release date for XtraDB 5.7? Developers in our group need support for JSON tables. I don’t want to be forced into using Postgres…

Percona Server 5.7 is already there for a while:

And the PXC 5.7 will be out soon (sorry, no exact ETA).
Jward - does Postgres offer synchronous multi-master replication like Galera does? :slight_smile:

Any predictions on this “soon” statement ?


I would also appreciate a clearer indication on when “soon” will be. Next month? Next 3 months? Next year?

The beta of PXC 5.7 version will be available for testing any day now. However there are still many tests and tunings needed before the final release. MySQL 5.7 has many code changes and new features, it all complicates integrating with Galera/wsrep.
Let me just ask though, what is the reason you are looking for PXC based on 5.7 so eagerly? What is missing in PXC 5.6 (apart from JSON datatype as said above) that you need so much?

Im very interrested in online alter table and generated columns.

I want know how about 5.7 multi-source replication, I need from different databases or different table replication.

There’s a 5.7.11 package available via the testing repos, I’ve been mucking around with it for a little less than week. Already wish it was actually 5.7.13 as I have encrypted tables and managing the keys programmatically.

I just attempted to install XtraDB Cluster 5.7 from the experimental repo and I got a 404 not found when attempting to download the rpm.
Going to “” confirms that there are no packages there.
Have they been removed intentionally? Is there a different repo that I need to enable?

EDIT: seems I misread the above, i just took a look at the testing repo and it was all there