Percona XtraBackup - MariaDB - backups of System Versioned/App-Time Periods/BiTemporal tables?

The subject line says it all - can Percona XtraBackup do backups of MariaDB temporal tables?

  • System Versioned tables
  • Application-Time Period tables
  • BiTemporal tables

These are all described here (and links within).

If not, are there methods which can be used to “simulate” backups - Replication? Or others?

Any ideas, references, URLs much appreciated.

TiA and rgs,


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Hi PA_I,

MariaDB and upstream MySQL/Percona Server code has been diverging more and more since the forking.
As explained on this link: Percona XtraBackup Overview - MariaDB Knowledge Base and starting from MariaDB 10.3 , Xtrabackup is NOT support because some extra/speicfic features are not well handled by Xtraackup.

The features that you mention were all introduced on MariaDB 10.3+ and 10.4+ so as a short answer, you should use MariaBackup and NOT use xtrabackup.


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