Percona XtraBackup Cluster to Cluster nodes quantity

When I use Percona XtraBackup to backup and restore
Old cluster to New cluster
If old cluster have 3 nodes
The new cluster also need 3 nodes?

I mean the nodes quantity need to be the same??


Hi @Russel_HSU ,

The backup itself you need to restone into a single node only. Then bootstrap that node and start the others. SST will take care of the rest.

In terms of the number of nodes, the recommended number is always an odd number starting by 3. This is to make sure you will have enough quorum in case of a network partition/split.


Hi @Russel_HSU,
There is no requirement that your new cluster be of same size as the old one. However, as Marcelo said, we recommend 3 at minimum. I would not go above 7.