Percona XtraBackup 2.4.10 Is Now Available

Percona announces the GA release of Percona XtraBackup 2.4.10 on March 30, 2018. This release is based on MySQL 5.7.19. You can download it from our download site and apt and yum repositories.

Percona XtraBackup enables MySQL backups without blocking user queries, making it ideal for companies with large data sets and mission-critical applications that cannot tolerate long periods of downtime. Offered free as an open source solution, it drives down backup costs while providing unique features for MySQLbackups.

Starting from now, Percona XtraBackup issue tracking system was moved from launchpad to JIRA.

Bugs Fixed:
[]xbcrypt with the --encrypt-key-file option was failing due to regression in Percona XtraBackup 2.4.9. Bug fixed bug PXB-518.
]Simultaneous usage of both the --lock-ddl and --lock-ddl-per-table options caused Percona XtraBackup lock with the backup process never completed. Bug fixed PXB-792.
[]Compilation under Mac OS X was broken. Bug fixed PXB-796.
]A regression of the maximum number of pending reads and the unnoticed earlier possibility of a pending reads related deadlock caused Percona XtraBackup to stuck in prepare stage. Bug fixed PXB-1467.
[*]Percona XtraBackup skipped tablespaces with a corrupted first page instead of aborting the backup. Bug fixed PXB-1497.
Other bugs fixed: PXB-513.

Release notes with all the bugfixes for version 2.4.10 are available in our online documentation. Please report any bugs to the issue tracker.