percona xtrabackup 2.2.4 innobackup update

when I backup mysql5.6.19 on slave with percona-xtrabackup 2.2.4,I find that innobackupex executes the command:
this command will be record to slave binlog,which leads to inconsistency between master and slave

NOw,I have update the innobackupex file ,as follows:
change the line :
mysql_query(%mysql, “FLUSH ENGINE LOGS”);
mysql_query(%mysql, “set sql_log_bin=OFF”);
mysql_query(%mysql, “FLUSH ENGINE LOGS”);
mysql_query(%mysql, “set sql_log_bin=ON”);

I have test it,and now do not record “FLUSH ENGINE LOGS” to slave binlog

that 'all

why not use (FLUSH ENGINE LOGS)

These methods have the same [COLOR=#2B2B2B]