Percona with MariaDB

Is there a way to run MariaDB within Percona Server?

I’m confused by your question. That’s sort of liking asking if you can run MySQL within Percona Server.

I want to run the MariaDB storage engine with Percona.

But the reason is because our OpenX data set has grow and we have data since 2008 causing our Innodb files to be 200-300Gb.

So I am looking for option: Use it on DW like Hadoop, InfoBright or InfiniDB but someone mention that MariaDB is 20% faster than MyIsam which is another alternative.

Edit: Sure if I can provide analytics to our management team they will use it too.

OK, you mean the Aria storage engine. (The names changed and it’s confusing to me too.)

I don’t really think 300GB is big – we have lots of customers running multiple TB in InnoDB. I think there are a lot of good options you could consider: a separate DW, archiving off old data, upgrading InnoDB and using Barracuda, etc etc. Deciding between your 20 options requires a lot of knowledge of them all, plus a lot of knowledge of your data and application.

Did this person actually provide links to benchmarks that are relevant for your workload? I haven’t seen a credible general-use benchmark on Aria yet. The sloppy ones that I’ve seen actually showed worse performance, but they are very old and things changed a lot since then (and again, they were sloppy, so I don’t trust them). Basically, my opinion of Aria is that I don’t have an opinion, nor do I believe anything anyone else has told me at this point. It is an unknown quantity for me.

You can’t use Aria in Percona Server. If you want that, you should use MariaDB instead. I don’t know if there are any features you really want from Percona Server that aren’t in MariaDB yet, but they might get ported in the future. However, are you really sure you want to be on the bleeding edge? It sounds like you aren’t in a company that would be comfortable with being such an early adopter.