Percona Toolkit 2.X End Of Life in June 2022

The first version of Percona Toolkit v2 was released in December of 2011.
The current and last version in 2. X series (2.2) started its way in the year 2013.
Version 3 started its way in February of 2017 by adding coverage of the new technology in the Percona toolkit - MongoDB.
Later in … we added tools for PostgreSQL management and later for Kubernetes troubleshooting.

The Development flow of Percona Toolkit allows users to use the latest version of the tool every time users need a fix.
Because of this process, in six months, on June 1, 2022, Percona Toolkit version 2 will enter the End of Life stage, which means it will not receive any security updates, bug fixes, and improvements.

We always recommend our users use the latest version of the Pecona Toolkit.

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