Percona-server-server get restarted by debian unattended-upgrades

I got a bunch of mysql service that got restarted by unattended-upgrades this morning.
message in /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades-dpkg.log is:
2024-04-23 06:10:29,314 INFO Packages that will be upgraded: libc-bin libc-dev-bin libc-devtools libc6 libc6-dev
2024-04-23 06:10:29,314 INFO Writing dpkg log to /var/log/unattended-upgrades/unattended-upgrades-dpkg.log
2024-04-23 06:47:01,878 INFO All upgrades installed

But, saw that the unattended-upgrades was restarting mysql.

saw this in syslog:
Apr 23 06:10:27 prod-tc-db-421 systemd[1]: Starting Daily apt upgrade and clean activities…
Apr 23 06:10:30 prod-tc-db-421 systemd[1]: Reloading.
Apr 23 06:10:30 prod-tc-db-421 systemd[1]: Stopping Percona Server…

saw this process:
/bin/sh /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d mysql restart
child of that one:
/bin/bash /var/lib/dpkg/info/percona-server-server.postinst configure 8.0.31-23-1.bullseye

but i m running:
mysql -V
mysql Ver 8.0.35-27 for Linux on x86_64 (Percona Server (GPL), Release ‘27’, Revision ‘2f8eeab2’$)

So, why did my mysqld service got rebooted this morning , weird, like some bug in the package maintenance/version.

Ok, might be related that the timeout on the mysql service (900 seconds) was too low, thus the upgrade from 8.0.31 to 8.0.35 was never flagged has completed in the package manager.
I was able to get mysql to restart correctyly by changing the /lib/systemd/system/mysql.service file with
TimeoutSec = 3600
So the mysql service started, but this issue has broken the package management information.

So The original issue is that the /lib/systemd/system/mysql.service file get written over on upgrade of the mysql-percona package and the TimeoutStartSec get rest to 900…