Percona server for MySQL Query Anlytics

When I run any query from direct my database it reflect in Percona server in QAN field but when I run any query from my project, but it does not reflect in Percona server QAN. how to solve this? I want that, when i refresh my project page it should show me total executed queries but it only show me directly executed query from my database only.

I am using latest version of percona server for mysql.

Hi jayt,
How do you configure your slow query logs?
Please take a look at these documents to ensure your current configurations do not have any misconfigurations.

Also, you might filter by user or host. You can check on the left side of the PMM QAN page.

On the MySQL server, run this tail -f /path/to/slow.log (replace the file with the actual mysql slow log path on your system) and then load your project page. Do you see any queries added to this log? If not, there’s a misconfiguration somewhere.