Percona Server for MongoDB IPv6 Support

Trying to install the PSMDB over Kubernetes, it works great over Ipv4 Cluster
When trying to install over IPv6 Cluster the Mongod fails, and it seems that we need to add the option to initialize the MongoDB with --ipv6 option in order to have the MongoDB be deployed with the IPv6 support.
The Operator CR does not show an option for that.

Found the answer to that.
we need to add the net.ipv6: true value to the configuration file.
So in the PSMDB CR resource, we should add to the replicaset definition the following for example:

  - name: rs0
    size: 1
    configuration: |
       mode: slowOp
       verbosity: 1
       ipv6: true
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I guess this is a duplicate for MongoDB Cluster IPv6, Replicaset initialization is failing

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