Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.3-2 Released

December 7, 2022 - Find release notes at Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0.3-2 (2022-12-07) — Percona Server for MongoDB 6.0 Documentation

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Documentation for MongoDB v6 needs an update. When starting v5 it states:

Warning: the "mongo" shell has been superseded by "mongosh", which 
delivers improved usability and compatibility.The "mongo" shell has 
been deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release.

The v6 docs state to use the mongo command, but that is not available anymore, has finally been replaced with mongosh. Percona docs should be updated.


Hi @bluepuma77 - welcome and thank you for pointing this out!

Good spotting, thank you for reporting this. We’ve now captured this task in Jira here: PSMDB-1198 - it should be fixed shortly.

By the way, did you know that you can contribute such improvements to our documentation directly? See Contributing to Percona Product Documentation for details.


Hi @bluepuma77

The documentation is updated now. Thanks for letting us know