Percona Postgres takes too much CPU and RAM usage while running on OpenShift Cluster

Hello Percona Team,

I am working on an OpenShift Cluster with this configuration: 3 worker nodes and 4 cores CPU and 32 Gib RAM for each node.

Today, I tried to install and setup Percona Operator to manage our projects’ database. I installed Percona Operator for PostgreSQL from OperatorHub of OpenShift web console.
After installing successfully, I added a new PerconaPGCluster from Percona Distribution for PostgresSQL Cluster via the form view. Then, the pods of percona postgres database were be generated and run as expected.

But, when I checked CPU and RAM usage after above installation, I found that Percona database cluster took too much of these resources.

After some more analyzes,
I had to remove the Percona Operator from my OpenShift cluster to ensure our existing projects to work fine.

So, please check this case and let me know whether I did some wrong setup or configuration.
I am looking forward to hearing your response.

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