percona PMM Server(docker installation) behind Haproxy

Hi, I have implemented PMM server(docker installation) and it is behind haproxy. If I access the dashboard I can see the data and graphs. Prometheus queries work well. However when I put it behind haproxy some parts of dashboard is broken with Request Error. I go to query inspector and debug it.

With the server IP (like this the query works just fine.

However behind haproxy (https://pmmdashboard.mydomain.local/graph) the query fails with Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request.

Is there any particular setting for haproxy ?

[HTML]acl acl_pmmdashboard hdr(host) -i pmmdashboard.mydomain.local
use_backend pmmdashboard if acl_pmmdashboard
backend pmmdashboard
mode http
server pmmserver weight 1 maxconn 500 check[/HTML]

Thanks and Regards,