Percona playback installation

I want to install percona playback tool by Percona Software Repositories for it , but it appears that percona-playback package is not available in the Percona repository for Ubuntu 20.04 (focal), I was not able to install that way. I was searching but did not find info, is it available for Ubuntu 20.04 (focal)?

Hi Nanuka,

The latest supported release is Ubuntu 12.10 (quantal)

Thank you.

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@Vadim_Yalovets Hello, thanks for your response. It might be hard for me to compile it from source code, are you using this tool actively and if yes on which distribution?

@Nanuka Unfortunately percona-playback is not an official tool that we support. If you notice, the most recent commit on the github was over 7 years ago. If you want to use it, you must compile it yourself for your OS and your MySQL version. We do not provide packages.

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@matthewb @Vadim_Yalovets I am searching now similar tool with same functionality, does percona have some other options to use?

@Nanuka, if you just want simple query playback from a slow log, use