Percona Operator for MySQL 0.7.0 Released

Date: March 25, 2024

Release notes are available on the website:

New features

  • K8SPS-275: The Operator now checks if the needed Secrets exist and connects to the storage to check the existence of a backup before starting the restore process
  • K8SPS-277: The new topologySpreadConstraints Custom Resource option allows to use Pod Topology Spread Constraints to achieve even distribution of Pods across the Kubernetes cluster


  • K8SPS-129: The documentation on how to build and test the Operator is now available
  • K8SPS-295: Certificate issuer errors are now reflected in the Custom Resource status message and can be easily checked with the kubectl get ps -o yaml command
  • K8SPS-326: The mysql-monit Orchestrator sidecar container now inherits orchestrator resources following the way that HAProxy mysql-monit container does (thanks to SlavaUtesinov for contribution)