Percona on EC2 across regions

I am trying to setup the following:
3 node cluster on east region (these nodes work just fine).
2 node cluster in west region (this where is my issue is).
1 node as an arbitrator (which I’m not entirely sure how to set this up).

The 3 node cluster in the east is working but when trying to connect the 2 in the west I get an error:
140318 15:57:51 [Warning] WSREP: (964ad955-aed7-11e3-89a5-9ffeab59941d, ‘tcp://’) address ‘tcp://’ points to own listening address, blacklisting
140318 15:57:54 [Warning] WSREP: no nodes coming from prim view, prim not possible
140318 15:57:54 [Note] WSREP: view(view_id(NON_PRIM,964ad955-aed7-11e3-89a5-9ffeab59941d,1) memb {
} joined {
} left {
} partitioned {
140318 15:57:54 [Warning] WSREP: last inactive check more than PT1.5S ago (PT3.50367S), skipping check
140318 15:58:24 [Note] WSREP: view((empty))
140318 15:58:24 [ERROR] WSREP: failed to open gcomm backend connection: 110: failed to reach primary view: 110 (Connection timed out)
at gcomm/src/pc.cpp:connect():139
140318 15:58:24 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs_core.c:gcs_core_open():195: Failed to open backend connection: -110 (Connection timed out)
140318 15:58:24 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs.c:gcs_open():1289: Failed to open channel ‘ves_cluster’ at ‘gcomm://,,,,’: -110 (Connection timed out)
140318 15:58:24 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs connect failed: Connection timed out
140318 15:58:24 [ERROR] WSREP: wsrep::connect() failed: 6
140318 15:58:24 [ERROR] Aborting are the west nodes. Security groups are updated (tested with using telnet), added the west IPs to my.cnf file (wsrep_cluster_address=gcomm://,,,,, added the user specified in my my.cnf file and password (create user ‘blah’@‘10.110.64.%’ identified by ‘password’ and added the grant rights.

Is there something else I’m missing?

I need to setup an arbitrator node but I’m not sure on how this is done. Is it: