Percona Monitoring and Management 1.1.4 is now available

Percona announces the release of Percona Monitoring and Management 1.1.4 on May 29, 2017.

For installation instructions, see the Deployment Guide.

This release includes experimental support for MongoDB in Query Analytics, including updated QAN interface.
Query Analytics for MongoDB

To enable MongoDB query analytics, use the mongodb:queries alias when adding the service. As an experimental feature, it also requires the --dev-enable option:

sudo pmm-admin add --dev-enable mongodb:queries

NOTE: Currently, it monitors only collections that are present when you enable MongoDB query analytics. Query data for collections that you add later is not gathered. This is a known issue and it will be fixed in the future. Query Analytics Redesign

The QAN web interface was updated for better usability and functionality (including the new MongoDB query analytics data). The new UI is experimental and available by specifying /qan2 after the URL of PMM Server.


NOTE: The button on the main landing page still points to the old QAN interface.

You can check out the new QAN web UI at [URL][/URL] New in PMM Server
[]PMM-724: Added the Index Condition Pushdown (ICP) graph to the MySQL InnoDB Metrics dashboard.
]PMM-734: Fixed the MySQL Active Threads graph in the MySQL Overview dashboard.
[]PMM-807: Fixed the MySQL Connections graph in the MySQL Overview dashboard.
]PMM-850: Updated the MongoDB RocksDB and MongoDB WiredTiger dashboards.
[]Removed the InnoDB Deadlocks and Index Collection Pushdown graphs from the MariaDB dashboard.
]Added tooltips with descriptions for graphs in the MySQL Query Response Time dashboard.[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“”}[/IMG2]Similar tooltips will be gradually added to all graphs.
[/LIST]New in PMM Client
[]PMM-801: Improved PMM Client upgrade process to preserve credentials that are used by services.
]Added options for pmm-admin to enable MongoDB cluster connections.
[/LIST]About Percona Monitoring and Management

Percona Monitoring and Management is an open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL and MongoDB performance. Percona developed it in collaboration with experts in the field of managed database services, support and consulting.

PMM is a free and open-source solution that you can run in your own environment for maximum security and reliability. It provides thorough time-based analysis for MySQL and MongoDB servers to ensure that your data works as efficiently as possible.

A live demo of PMM is available at

Please provide your feedback and questions on the PMM forum.

If you would like to report a bug or submit a feature request, use the PMM project in JIRA.