Percona MongoDB version vs Official MongoDB version

I was using Percona Image 4.4.3-5 and this (official MongoDB 4.4.2) was supposed to have the fix included but it did not. Percona Image 4.4.6 did (not sure if 5 or 4 included it).

But the question is - are the version numbers related to each other (Percona vs Official).

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No, the same code was in Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4.2(-4).

The git commit hash is even the same. I guess there was no line collision with the enterprise feature code that Percona adds.

vs. the upstream community version commit:

The version numbers match - that’s how we release. For the percona version we add a (-X) extra version on the end. E.g. in this case it was 4.4.2 to 4.4.2-4. Next we had 4.4.3-5. Before was 4.4.1-3 (security fix) and before that 4.4.1-2 (the first release that merged the 4.4.1 community code), etc.