Percona MongoDB operator is causing high number of connections to the database

Hi all,

Percona operator is causing connection spike on the database. Here is the sample connection. Can we throttle the connections from operator?

type: 'op',
  host: 'mgdb-rs0-1:27017',
  desc: 'conn326588',
  connectionId: 326588,
  client: '',
  clientMetadata: {
    driver: { name: 'mongo-go-driver', version: 'v1.12.1' },
    os: { type: 'linux', architecture: 'amd64' },
    platform: 'go1.20.9'
  active: true,
  currentOpTime: '2024-03-07T17:28:38.017+00:00',
  threaded: true,
  opid: 55231681,
  secs_running: Long("9"),
  microsecs_running: Long("9012110"),
  op: 'command',
  ns: 'admin.$cmd',
  command: {
    hello: 1,
    helloOk: true,
    topologyVersion: {
      processId: ObjectId("65e7659bc3f54ff574dfe7d3"),
      counter: Long("19")

Hey @Sai_krishna ,

thanks for bringing this up.
The issue right now is that we reconcile the psmdb object in Operator every 5 seconds, even there are no changes. This creates a connection and sends some pings to the cluster.

The best solution here would be to improve this reconcilation on the Operator level, not throttling it on DB side.

Meanwhile, could you please share if it impacts your database in any way?