Percona MongoDB 3.4.24 is not starting due to /data/db/db/MANIFEST-5415975: No such file or director

Hello Percona Team,

Server is not starting up. We are on Percona MongoDB 3.We are receiving this error:

[initandlisten] Invariant failure: s resulted in status InternalError: IO error: While opening a file for sequentially reading: /data/db/db/MANIFEST-5415975: No such file or directory at src/mongo/db/storage/rocks/src/rocks_engine.cpp 208
2020-05-11T19:41:05.928+0530 I -        [initandlisten] 
aborting after invariant() failure
2020-05-11T19:41:05.930+0530 F -        [initandlisten] Got signal: 6 (Aborted).

Full startup log is at:

Any hint would be so helpful as its our production server. 

Hi @arckid
MongoDB 3.4 has been EOL (End-of-life) since Jan 1, 2020.  You can find out about it here
Also, you’re using MongoRocks, which was deprecated in 3.6 and is no longer supported at all in 4.0.
You might want to consider an update. 
Also, you can create a Jira issue in Perhaps the development team will look into the problem. Maybe one of the forum users has encountered the problem and can help.

Thank you Danlil for your help. I will post this on Jira. I hope I will get some hint from there.
If you can just point if its bug or data crash, it would be really helpful.