Percona Docker Create a key

I’m not able to create a key in order to enable the encryption,
since I have pulled the image and run the container.
Do I have to modify the docker file or there is another solution?

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Hi @matthewb thanks for your answer but I’m talking about mongodb, since we are in the right place I assume.
Anyway I pulled the image from Running Percona Server for MongoDB in a Docker Container
but now I have to enable the encryption and I don’t know how to set the key into the container

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I’m sorry. You are right, I was not paying attention to the forum category. I deleted my reply.

You can set the config options directly in mongo’s config file:
Data at Rest Encryption

Or pass the options directly to mongo when launching the container:

You can pass arbitrary command line options to the server by appending them to the run command :

docker run --name my-container-name -d percona/percona-server-mongodb --option1=value --option2=value

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