Percona Dist for Mongo DB on AWS vs. DocumentDB?

Anybody running Percona Distribution for Mongo DB on AWS? If so, did you consider DocumentDB at all?

Haven’t done a cost comparison, i.e. if I buy enough storage for all our data in Percona vs. ‘rent’ via DocumentDB, but now have an older MongoDB in AWS with data so we can see the storage cost. Need to upgrade one way or the other.

What was compelling about the Percona solution vs. DocumentDB, if you did that evaluation? I know its an easy choice vs. MongoDB Enterprise :).


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I haven’t heard of someone trying a cost benchmark comparing MongoDB run on AWS EC2 to AWS DocumentDB. Of course there is no single use case and the cost profile is different depending on which.

What sort of size do you hold per mongod node? And how much write churn is there per minute? I’m thinking about your comment that the storage cost you see now is notable.

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