Percona Audit on Oracle MySQL EE: "undefined symbol: plugin_thdvar_safe_update"

We are trying to test the Percona Audit Plugin on our Oracle MySQL (Enterprise Edition) database server.

We are running Oracle MySQL 5.7.18-enterprise-commercial-advanced (64-bit) on Oracle Linux 6 64-bit.

Have uninstalled the Oracle Enterprise Audit plugin.
Restarted server (had to for the plugin removal to be completed).

Downloaded [COLOR=#B22222].
Extracted the [COLOR=#B22222] from this RPM and placed it in the MySQL server plugin directory.

Upon issuing the command to install the plugin (INSTALL PLUGIN audit_log SONAME ‘’:wink: we are getting an error and the plugin does not load.
The error is:

Can anybody shed any light as to why this could be happening?
Does this have any correlation to the fact that we are also running the thread pool plugin?

Thank you.

Plugin .so files from a specific packages are not supposed to work with other packages or third-party software.
And in general our plugins are working only with Percona Server, not with Oracle MySQL.