Percona and their release notes

This is just an observation. Specifically it’s in regards to how Percona presents release notes. It’s pretty standard these days when utilizing Github to include your release notes along with other informative information within each release branch. Although standard, it’s not a practice Percona uses, and it makes finding this info a bit more fun. I brought up this observation in the past, and Percona support simply pointed me to their Blog posts, which are really well detailed. But I think it would be more helpful since I like many others watch/am notified when a release is posted in github, to simply have the release notes included too at github under that particular release, or at least a link to the Percona Blog post or wherever Percona decides to post the release notes on their site.

Hi Johnpitton, thanks for this note.
I’ll bring it to the attention of our team leads.

I thought you’d like to know that the posting of release notes to Github is currently under review with a view to a process change.
I can’t offer a timescale right now but it’s in progress.
I hope you don’t mind but in due course I am going to move this post off of ‘announcements’ which is really intended for important Percona-sourced notices.

@johnpitton starting in July 2020, all Percona release notes are being listed under Software Announcements as well as under the most appropriate product category.   Would this meet your needs?