PCRE in Percona MySQL Server

Hello, is any way to add Perl compatible regular expression support to Percona MySQL Server?
Perhabs as plugin, or may be exist any other way to use it?

Just a me too here - the original [url]https://github.com/mysqludf/lib_mysqludf_preg[/url] project doesn’t seem to be getting updated anymore but mariadb is including this now and probably has a workable implementation at [url]https://github.com/MariaDB/server/tree/10.3/pcre[/url] - would be great if Percona could include this even if it wasn’t enabled by default.

Hello, welcome to the Percona forum. It would be great if you could open up a feature request for this on our Jira site https://jira.percona.com
While this doesn’t guarantee there would be an implementation of this anytime soon (or at all), at least by having it logged in Jira it will be considered by the product manager and - if accepted - you would be able to watch progress. It’s the best way to have a voice, as on the Forum the idea can just be lost. The monitoring on Jira is much more formal as you can imagine.
Take a look at the ‘rules of engagement’ on the JIra home page before you do i.e. search for the feature etc, and upvote if you find it’s already there. If it’s not, then you can be the one to post it first, and hopefully others will upvote.