PBM PITR: oplog chunks compression type


I am doing a database backup with the --compression = gzip option and the PITR option turned on. The database dump is in gzip format, but the oplog snapshots are compressed by snappy.
Is it possible to change (pbm config?) the oplog dump to be compressed by gzip as well?

Or can you give a hint on how to decompress such a oplog-snappy file to view it with bsondump?
I tried on Centos with “snzip” but it doesn’t recognize the file format created by pbm.


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Hi @setdbid
No, unfortunately, there is no way to change PITR chunks compression format so far.

PBM uses this lib for compression: compress/s2 at master · klauspost/compress · GitHub. There are also command-line tools: compress/s2 at master · klauspost/compress · GitHub. You can try them, it should work.

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thanks for reply, i will check this commandline tool.