Pbm backup failed command listCollections requires authentication

pbm backup --compression=zstd --mongodb-uri xxxxxx
Starting backup ‘2023-10-09T08:10:19Z’…Error: get namespaces size: list collections for “xxx”: (Unauthorized) command listCollections requires authentication
I use the root user and after login can listCollections success but the pbm backup failed. And the xxx changes every time when backup
Anyone know the reason?

pbm version
Version: 2.1.0
Platform: linux/amd64
GitCommit: 342b5b9c996e8bd17a678ea0cecbf2eaaf9704ab
GitBranch: release-2.1.0
BuildTime: 2023-04-14_12:23_UTC
GoVersion: go1.19

Hi @Max_Chen ,

The xxx is a database name. A PBM user does not have enough permissions to run db.getSiblingDB("the xxx db name").runCommand({ listCollections: 1 }).

PBM docs: Configure authentication in MongoDB

Hi @Dmytro_Zghoba , still the same error after following the operation

  1. Create the role that allows any action on any resource.
db.getSiblingDB("admin").createRole({ "role": "pbmAnyAction",
      "privileges": [
         { "resource": { "anyResource": true },
           "actions": [ "anyAction" ]
      "roles": []
  1. Create the user and assign the role you created to it.
db.getSiblingDB("admin").createUser({user: "pbmuser",
       "pwd": "secretpwd",
       "roles" : [
          { "db" : "admin", "role" : "readWrite", "collection": "" },
          { "db" : "admin", "role" : "backup" },
          { "db" : "admin", "role" : "clusterMonitor" },
          { "db" : "admin", "role" : "restore" },
          { "db" : "admin", "role" : "pbmAnyAction" }

pbm backup --compression=zstd --mongodb-uri mongodb://pbmuser:secretpwd@…/?authSource=admin&replicaSet=rs0

But mongo mongodb://pbmuser:secretpwd@.../?authSource=admin&replicaSet=rs0
db.getSiblingDB(“xxx”).runCommand({ listCollections: 1 });

Can list success

Can you describe your cluster?

Is it shareded? PSMDB or CE/EE? version? which node fails configsvr or shardsvr?

What type of backup? Full or Selective logical?

Not shard, 3 mongo nodes, 1 primary and 2 secondary.
The Mongo cluster deployed in the k8s cluster uses bitnami Mongo helm chart.
Full backup

After restarting the mongo cluster the backup was successful…

Backup snapshots:
2023-10-10T03:51:04Z [restore_to_time: 2023-10-10T03:51:47Z]
2023-10-10T05:07:54Z [restore_to_time: 2023-10-10T05:08:26Z]

Hi Max,

That is strange but it is great to hear that the backup is working now.
If you face issue again, do let us know.


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