password reset - unable to log back in

I reset the admin password and now i can’t get back in. vm image pmm-server-1.17.1.ova
Frustrating as this is the 3rd time i have to reload the reconfigure the PMM after password resets that locked me out.
I searched online and can’t seem to find a way to reset the password from the console.

Hi chrisvlad

I’m sorry to hear of your frustration with the OVA. Can I ask a clarifying question: when you say you are being locked out, are you referring to browser access or ssh?

Hello Michael,
i am referring to the web access. I had user: admin set during the installation and i wanted to change the password. After i change it was no longer able to log back in. i found a procedure in the forum to reset the password in /etc/nginex/.htpasswd but that did not fix the issue. i also noticed the user in that file is pmm that i did not setup. so my question is: how do i set a user and password from the console.

Thanks for the feedback chrisvlad , I don’t have an answer for you right now since most of my Engineers are offline for the weekend, but on Monday I have asked for a review of this issue. Thanks for your patience,

You may use next command for changing password in Grafana

curl -X PUT -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{“oldPassword”: “admin321”, “newPassword”: “newpass”, “confirmNew”: “newpass”}’ http://admin:admin321@localhost:3000/api/user/password

{“message”:“User password changed”}

The next step is to set the same password in the file /srv/nginx/.htpasswd

Here is a command for generating required password hash

echo -n “newpass” | openssl dgst -sha1 -binary | openssl base64


Add this hash with a user name and the prefix {SHA} into the file.

cat /srv/nginx/.htpasswd