partial indexes in mysql?


Does anyone know if partial indexes, like: l.html, are supported in mysql? I’m supporting soft deletes and I have to go through update my indexes to include the deleted field. It would be nice if I could save some space by not including that field in my index.


No, not in that form.

But are you sure that you mean what that partial index means?

Because in your description it sounds as you don’t want the “deleted” column to be part of the index.
And in the Postgres case you very much need that column to be part of the index.
It’s just that you omit rows from the index that does not match the condition.

Sorry, you’re right. I don’t mean I want to omit that column from the index, only to filter rows that are part of that index.

Do you know if there is any way to accomplish this in MySQL?

No there is no such functionality in MySQL.