Panel plugins are missing in pmm2 latest docker image


I just made a fresh install of pmm2 on docker, using pmm-server:2 image. When I then log in to grafana, most panels have error messages such as
“Panel plugin not found: digiapulssi-breadcrumb-panel”, “Panel plugin not found: pmm-update-panel”. I havent changed any other configuration, nor added clients.

OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Image: percona/pmm-server:2
Install command:

docker run -d
–volumes-from pmm-data
–name pmm-server
–restart always

Hello, I just checked in on this for you.
Would you be able to check the deploy without using the -e switches, please?
If you still have an issue after that, it would be great if you could file a bug at … especially if you can provide the steps to reproduce.
These are the available parameters:

Arda Beyazoğlu do you use the fresh pmm-data container as well?
Because PMM2 requires complete reinstall and readding instances.

Also pls note for PMM2 we have DATA_RETENTION variable for all data (METRICS_RETENTION and QUERIES_RETENTION are deprecated )