PAM not working in XtraDB cluster

I am trying to set up an XtraDB cluster in kubernetes to support PAM authentication.

To initialize, I used helm to install the operator and used helm template to get the XtraDB manifest so I could modify it. Next, I created a new image, with the image used for the pxc pods as a base. This new image adds a mysqld, libpam_oidc.yaml and to the container, but otherwise does not alter the image.

After applying the customized manifest, I found the pods starting, as they did before I changed the manifest. I was able to log in using the root credentials as before, but I was not able to use PAM authentication. Additionally, I couldn’t find logs for the failed log in attempt anywhere, so I haven’t been able to troubleshoot much further.

Is it possible to use PAM authentication with XtraDB? Where should I look for logs regarding this issue?
I found another user had a similar issue here, but no answer to this issue.

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If the problem is a corrupt PAM configuration, do the following: Run the application from one terminal window and modify the PAM configuration file in another window. Verify that the errors are corrected by testing the changes in the application window.


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