"Open file list len in shard" on slave updated to 8.0.25

I have a master running with 2 slaves.
I updated the slaves to 8.0.25, the master is still at 8.0.23

Since then, one of the slaves is printing a lot of messages like this in its error log:

“[Note] [MY-012102] [InnoDB] Open file list len in shard x is y”
where y is usually 0, x is a different number from 0 to 11

the other slave seems to be working fine.

Should I rebuild the slave with xtrabackup (the db size is more than 500gb) or I can upgrade the master to .25 and this error will disappear?

Edit: the slave printing the errors is still replicating, 0 seconds behind Master
I guess I’ll go with the first option anyway…

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After doing a full xtrabackup+prepare and started the slave, got the data automatically upgraded from .23 to .25, started the slave, and then I have again the errors… :frowning:

Occasionally there’s also a “[MY-012100] [InnoDB] Cannot close file db/table.ibd, because modification count 152 != flush count 151”

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So I updated also the Master to 8.0.25, and now I have these “notes” also in the master’s log…

Is this a bug? I can’t find any explanation for this error on the web.

I guess this is just an excess of verbosity, which shouldn’t be logged, should it?

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I had log_error_verbosity set to 3, setting it to 2 (the default) stops the issue, but I may miss events I wanted to track.

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