[Open Discussion] How To Migration Percona Mysql 5.7 To AWS Aurara Mysql And How To Rollback Plan

Hi Great Engineer,

I have challenge to migration MySQL 5.7 VM to AWS Aurora MySQL 5.7, and this VM not in AWS so it’s cross Data Center, we are concentration how to minimize bandwidth usage when we transfer the data, anyway Database Size now around 1TB.

Current Database topology on existing VM with 1 Master and 4 Slave and we have plan to migration with DMS tools from AWS, But AFAIK the DMS doesn’t support to make master to master from Aurora Mysql to Mysql VM.

On the development env, we used dump restore and replication with native replication M to S from VM to AWS with format .sql and successed because the database size just more than 1GB so it’s makesanse we used manual replication because we already trying to replication with DMS but DMS just create meta table only not include table atributes like (index, foreign key, default value) although it worked but not recomemeded if use on Production, after that we try to only dump schema from source and restored to Aurora MySQL but there’s many table error and mismatch when DMS validated.

I need a lot of input and inspiration as well as ideas from your experiences

You can use Xtrabackup to populate the Aurora instance.

Migrate to Amazon RDS Using Percona Xtrabackup - Percona Database Performance Blog

We’ve shown in the past that it is speedier than a dump/restore. However, at 1TB of data, it will take some time.

You are correct that DMS does not include all resources like secondary indexes. There isn’t a tool that automates the entire process seamlessly. You should thoroughly test and validate and determine what manual changes may be necessary for production.

Please see this webinar for real-world example of how Percona helped one of its partners migrate to Aurora

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