Notes for upgrading mysql 5.0.22 to 5.0.85

How can i proceed upgrading from mysql 5.0.22 to mysql 5.0.85?

I fail to understand what you are actually asking about.
But since you are still within the 5.0 branch I don’t think you would encounter any big surprises.

I was just wondering how can i proceed if i want to have latest version of mysqld… 5.0.85!
As such i have 5.0.22 but still how can i make it to 5.0.85?

You backup your databases.
You uninstall the older version and install the newer version.

Since it is still within version 5.0 you shouldn’t need to perform anything else.

BTW: 5.0.85 is not the latest version of MySQL, 5.1 has been GA for quite a while now. But then you will need to perform a few extra steps to upgrade the grant tables.

Read more here:

Right, I’m aware about 5.1.
Just wondering about how to do upgrades within same major version!
Uninstall and Reinstall is little more than what I was expecting for. I thought some patch will do the job.

Not a compilation; i was just wondering about upgrade.
For eg. considering this upgrade from rhel.
This on rhel 5 improves mysql 5.0.22 to 5.0.77.