node hangs on SET GLOBAL wsrep_cluster_address='gcomm://';

We have 3 nodes. I would like to make node 1 as the master but hangs after the following:

mysql> SET wsrep_on=0;
mysql> SET GLOBAL wsrep_cluster_address=‘gcomm://’;

What did I do wrong? how to pull a node from cluster?

With PXC you don’t have master, all the nodes are master and all the nodes are slaves. Despite it’s possible to write always on the same node (it could even be recommended on certain workload).

Why do you set wsrep_on=0 ?

I don’t understand what you want to try to achieve here.


What I would like to achieve is the following assuming I have 3 nodes:

  1. Bring down node 1.
  2. Node 2 and Node 3 are in sync. This works.
  3. Turn on node 1

Node 1 should pull the changes from either node 2 or node 3.