Newbie question import mysql dump to percona

Hello, I’m new to percona, and trying to make transition from mysql 5.7 to Percona-XtraDB-cluster-57.

Mysql dump command:
mysqldump -h localhost --opt --all-databases --add-drop-table --events -u > dump.sql

On percona server I tried to do:mysql -u root -p --binary-mode -o < dump.sql

But after some time when I check databases on percona nothing happends.

Please, can you write me how to do this?

Hello @zakonuzemunu,
Two things: 1) PXC is a drop-in replacement. You can stop your current MySQL 5.7, remove the binary/packages, install PXC and start it up without having to dump/import.
2) Your command to import the dump, remove --binary-mode and -o because you did not make a binary dump. You can also add -v for some increased verbosity. I would recommend checking out mydumper as a faster alternative to mysqldump, but in reality, option 1) above is the easiest for switching to PXC.

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